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What Our Program Offers:

Our afternoon programs are designed to help strengthen children’s developmental and foundational skills to enhance their ability to learn and play in an environment that will nurture their potential for success in life.  


Our state-of-the-art facility will integrate your child's sensory-motor experiences to help develop strong a body and mind. It is a place where children play to stay fit while enhancing their foundational skills for optimal learning and behavior in order to best equip children for a healthy life with their peers.   


A homelike atmosphere allows children a well-supervised, safe, and cozy environment allowing parents to be at work knowing their child is having fun with friends while engaging in activities such as fitness, life skills, social skills, homework help, and enhanced education time. We offer support and assistance for any learning challenges your child may be experiencing through individualized or group tutoring. Our services are for children of all abilities.  


Parents of Watertown school-aged children can arrange to have their child/children dropped off after school and can participate for up to 3 hours (3-6PM). Currently, we are not a licensed child care program. We presently do not accept care-for kid’s funding. We are in the process of applying to be a Connecticut licensed afterschool program. We will announce this on social media and on our website once we are licensed.

Let’s talk about household chores. You may have a hard time at home making chores seem appealing, but here we incorporate them in most, if not every, activity. Your child will be doing dishes and wiping down counters with their peers after we cook. They also learn how to do laundry by laundering our art smocks and stuffed animals, as well as sweeping after snack time and fun art/science projects. We do not move on to our next activity or our next room until our whole play space is clean. The children work together to tidy their space and organize toys and equipment. After snacks and meals the trash is taken out of the classrooms. We also give the children a sense of autonomy by allowing them to decorate the classroom for every season and holiday as they wish. They collaborate with one another to set up a homelike environment and they also are responsible for clean up when it’s time to take it down.