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What Our Program Offers:

Our acclaimed sensory integration clinic promotes meaningful movement in a child’s life and greatly reduces  behavioral issues such as staying focused, paying attention, low self-esteem, self-confidence, ability to do schoolwork, and eating disorders.

Every program is administered by certified and licensed professionals. Programs may be covered by insurance companies. 

how do i know if my infant/toddler needs occupational therapy services? 

  • Prefers to lay down or sit to play with toys rather than moving/exploring 
  • Low muscle tone, seems weak or floppy 
  • Difficulty with sucking/feeding 
  • Overly active, seeks excessive movement 
  • Resists being held, dislikes cuddling and becomes tense when held 
  • Difficulty babbling 
  • Constantly remains in only one sitting position (rather than variety of side sitting, criss cross, legs extended, etc.) 
  • Difficulty consoling self, unusually fussy 
  • Unable to bring hands together and bang toys 
  • Frequent fisting of hands after six months 
  • Cries or becomes tense when moved through space 
  • Unable to settle down, sleep challenges 
  • Difficulty playing with the age appropriate toys 
  • Dislikes or has difficulty tolerating positions on stomach 
  • Delayed to roll over, creep, sit or stand 
  • Easily startled (birth to 3 months) 


If your child is experiencing 3 or more problems on this checklist, occupational therapy services may be very helpful. 


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