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What Our Program Offers:

90 minutes of PLAYTIME! Drop off your kids and their friends so you can run out with yours for a bit!

Playgroups are structured play that incorperates fine/growth motor skill activites, creative expression, physical activity, mental growth and more.

​Children are separated into age groups to allow staff to coordinate activites to the age and abilities of each child.
Please call in advance to schedule a playgroup as AT LEAST three children must be signed up for the session to go on.

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Look What We Offer!

Fitastic - Fitness Group

Ages 7 and above

During our Fitness Groups children will have 60 minutes with our staff to participate in our functional approach to fitness while they improve their strength & body awareness. Simultaneously, they will be bettering their brain’s ability to think abstractly, problem solve, and how to use their fine & gross motor skills in a smooth manner.

Magical Movers - Playgroup

Ages 9-18 months​

Physical movement and play in the early years plays a vital role in brain development. Your child will experience unique spaces and places in our magical castle. Magical Movers will challenge their sensory motor development and provide opportunities to socialize with their peers. They will enhance body awareness, balance and coordination and learn to adjust to new sensory stimuli through a variety of music and movement games.

Castle Critters - Playgroup

Ages 18-36 months

​Similar to Magical Movers but for your toddler! While pretending, exploring, climbing and jumping in our magical castle your Critters will work on strengthening their foundational motor skills to provide a base of support for the development of your child’s gross motor, fine motor and language skills. Critters will engage in interactive sensory-motor experiences that help the child master developmental milestones while strengthening the mind – body connection.

Kingdom Kids - Playgroup

Ages 3-6 years

Hear ye, Hear ye! When children run, jump, climb, crawl and spin, they are actually practicing many skills to facilitate sensory-motor organization and increase concentration. Our preschool readiness program will encourage socialization and engage your child in sensory motor activities that will foster motor skills, language development, creativity and self-confidence while building on crucial foundational skills for academic readiness. 

Energetic Explorers - Playgroup

Ages 7 years +

Energetic Explorers will be broken down into groups by age: 7-9 years, 10-12 years, 13-15 years. Children ages 6 years and above will engage in a variety of structured activities that focus on reinforcing the mind-body connection and skills they learned previously to help your child strengthen their mind and physical strength. Obstacle courses, problem solving games, gross motor movement activities (hopscotch, balloon toss, free play, fitness games, etc.), fine motor activities (arts and crafts, handwriting, etc.), board game tournaments, and more.

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