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Our goals for this program are to get your child involved in healthy eating and learn how enjoyable being in the kitchen with your family can be. We also want to help your child learn some life skills such as cutting, mixing, cleaning, learning what spices are, valuing the variety of fruits and vegetables; the list really goes on and on. We have hosted a pumpkin pie making night for families to spend time together and a pasta making class for our afterschool kids. We regularly spend time in the kitchen to get the kids involved in making their own snacks including protein balls, garlic knots, overnight oats, homemade pretzels and more.  

Goals & Outcomes 

  • Your child will become more engaged in the cooking process. 
  • Your child’s cooking and baking skills will improve. 
  • Your child will be exposed the children to new foods including various textures, smells, flavors, mouth feel, and visuals.  
  • Your child will learn how to build their own healthy meal or snack during the program. 
  • Your child will increase the amount of whole, healthy foods in their diet. 


We are teaming up with The Village Music School for music class after school. The age-appropriate curriculum includes singing, playing, analyzing, creating and listening to music. In the group guitar and piano classes, students learn the fundamentals of understanding music through popular songs and hands-on experience playing the guitar or piano. Students gain the knowledge they need to perform their favorite pop, rock, and folk songs. They will also gain the strongest of foundations to lead the way for further musical exploration. Class time incorporates musical games, focused practice, and ensemble work to play songs together as a group. 

  • We will run a program once a week with as few as 3 children, and our class size will not exceed 10 children. Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. If your child is currently attending our afterschool program and would like to participate there will be an additional charge per child, per class. If a child doesn’t own an instrument, rental instruments will be available for an additional charge of $3 per week plus sales tax. Financial Aid is available for qualifying families, for a portion of the tuition. 
  • Contact us if you’re interested and please provide which day M-F that you’d prefer afterschool music classes. We are aiming to start music classes in February. 

Textile Art

To work on hand eye coordination, patience, creativity, motor skills we offer sewing and crochet. This quiet time activity allows the children to be intentional with their movement and create a work of art that they can cherish.  


As it is winter time we are using our fenced in outdoor space as a grounds for snowball fights and snowman assembly. When the sun comes out in the spring and summer, that space will be our garden. Through prepping seeds and soil, learning about composting, creating a care plan and watering schedule, harvesting our crops, and incorporating our grown herbs, fruits and vegetables into recipes in our kitchen for us to taste test, your child will learn the ins and outs of cultivating and caring for plants.