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Our Testimonials

Kathy Perry

My special needs children love Jumpstart! Cathy and the other therapists are knowledgeable, compassionate, as well as passionate about occupational therapy. They believe in the overall health and well being of .... Read more

Lauren Weber

Jumpstart is the most unique children’s therapy and fitness facility I have ever seen! It is over the top when it comes to a child friendly therapy company. They offer family focus approach to helping kids .... Read more

Rick Zumi

If your looking for the most amazing place for your kids to enjoy, get fit and learn, go visit Jumpstart! Cathy’s creativity is beyond extraordinary… she is incredibly knowledgeable about children’s .... Read more

Steve Lockwood

Jump Start made such a difference in my daughters life! She had learning disabilities from a lack of crawling that they were able to identify and help us with just as it was becoming apparent in preschool. .... Read more

Lisa Bernard

Great facility! My son is on the autism spectrum with aspergers and jumpstart has been one of the best places we’ve gone for treatment. They offer everything you can think of and my son loves going. .... Read more

Angelina Stoddard

Amazing place! Came to check it out, full of kids having a fantastic time in each of the extremely detailed and kid friendly rooms. So much space and so many things to do from working out, learning life skills .... Read more

Charlene Valentine

I have known Jumpstart Therapy owner,Cathy Risigo-Winckline since 1985. We attended Occupational Therapy School together. She is a hard working, caring, intelligent and compassionate therapist that reflects in .... Read more

Mal Brito

Jump Start has been incredible for my children. We often take advantage of the playgroup/camp aspects. The staff is always warm, energetic, and family oriented. I have NEVER had the feeling they are there to .... Read more

Laura Scott

Jumpstart is wonderful!! My nephew came here and Cathy was great with him! He loves it here!! And he loves Cathy!! She is so patient and knowledgeable and her love of children is very heartwarming. It is very .... Read more

Steph McDermott

The work that is done at Jumpstart is truly outstanding. The business is filled with knowledgeable thereapists and staff. I have seen the impact that this establishment has had on the kiddos I nannied for. .... Read more

Amy Irizarry

My son has received occupational and physical therapy from Jumpstart for many years now. He has made tremendous growth. He is much stronger and gained confidence. All of the therapists have been absolutely .... Read more

Lauren Stroby Fraser

I have seen huge improvements for my 3 year old son! He had pigeon toes and falling over himself on the regular. Since starting therapy he has stopped falling and has gained so much confidence! Thank you Cathy, .... Read more

Alicia N

Do you need facility perfect for children. My daughter had the greatest birthday party there last year. I look forward to trying to have a party again this year!


Such a great environment. The owner really does care!

Francis P

Best decision I have made for my child’s OT. The place we were at before only recommended 3 sessions. He had not made any progress. After 2 months at Jumpstart everyone was noticing his progress. She referred .... Read more


Unbelievable best choice I ever made and picking up therapy office for my child

Curtis Wickline

They have amazing programs, gives back to the community, family friendly/ Children make progress with in months you can see the difference!

Gwen B

She treats my child like gold and has so much love and passion for what she does! If it wasn’t for her expertise my child would still be suffering without glasses because of her ability to assess what was wrong .... Read more

Marci Lynn

My son loves this place so much he never wants to leave! They have a great staff and the building is great.. so many different things to do.

Sarah Lennon

Jumpstart Therapy is a wonderful place that is family oriented and really cares about each child that comes through the door. They offer amazing services that every child could benefit from. Highly .... Read more

Gwen Benedict

I absolutely love, “Jumpstart!!” I recommend this place to everyone and anyone because of how well my daughter has excelled in their care! If it wasn’t for Cathy’s expertise and ability to quickly assess what .... Read more